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Massage Belts & Electric Stimulators

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pologmase Men Abdominal Muscle Cream | Muscle Intensive Cream Fat Burner Cream Fat Burner Slimming Cream for Men Women - AQKZSKJV

$19.17 $34.94

✑Novel Formula: The Abdominal Muscle Cream can help burn fat with one of the most unique formulas. It can accelerate the metabolism and weight loss process. ✑Eliminating Fat: This Men's Abdominal Muscle Cream is good for improving the appearance of sagging skin caused by aging and weight gain. It can keep the body in good shape. ✑Creating an Amazing body: The Muscle Intensive Cream can effect..

Boston Tech ME-89 plus TENS Digital Muscle Electrostimulator two-channel digital EMS 24 adjustable Pre-set programs and 8 Electrodes. Ideal for muscle treatment. - IOCSFF5H

$24.18 $83.44

✅ Latest generation of TENS / EMS, developed by Boston Tech. With 3-layer Premium electrodes: Better conduction, long life, flexible and reusable. 8 included electrodes of 5x5cm, with 2mm diameter plug. ✅ 24 Adjustable Preset Programs (12 TENS + 12 EMS) including continuous and burst stimulation (burst). 5 TENS modes and 2 modes available. Standard connection Pigtail (plug, banana) of 5x5cm. De..

3 x 100ml bottles of Original ABGYMNIC Highly Conductive Contact Gel for TENS EMS and other Toning Pad Systems - IGISIVE6

$19.10 $56.79

3 x Abgymnic Electrostimulation Belt Gels Total : 300 ml. Pack of 3 Electrostimulation Belt Gel (Total 300ml) 3 x 100ml bottles of Original ABGYMNIC Highly Conductive Contact Gel for TENS EMS and other Toning Pad Systems - IGISIVE6..

KWY Hip Trainer-Pelvic Floor Muscle Medial Trainer,Inner Thigh Exerciser Hips Muscle Trainer Bladder Controller Correction Beautiful Buttocks Bladder - AFZRFD4G

$19.29 $46.06

【Effect】-Beautiful hip trainer can improve the blood system of the lower limbs muscles and buttocks, making the hips and lower limbs more flexible and promoting activities. 【Features】-Targeted pelvic floor muscle training, which is beneficial to pelvic reduction, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, and walking the buttocks. 【Easy to use】-Do not need to go to the gym everyday,just use the ..

Electric Slimming Belt Ems Slimming Belt Electric Fitness Slimming Belt Ems Beautymisc Waist Slimming Belt For Toning Belts For Weight Loss Skin Firming - WHVS7T9K

$22.05 $67.66

【Electric Waist Slimming Machine】Low‑frequency pulse therapy can tighten and relax the muscles, assist to restore the flat lower abdomen, and effectively relieve postpartum backache and protect the waist and abdomen from catching cold. 【Wide Applications】It is versatile, and can combine weight loss, health,leisure together.It is the ideal fat loss belt.and it is lightweight and comfortable,so y..

01 02 015 Multifunction Sit-up Resistance Belt Pedal Resistance Band Leg Exerciser for Yoga Abdomen - KGOQ8M71

$19.10 $48.18

Shoulder exercise, hand exercise, leg exercise at home, hotel room, office or outdoor. The handle and feet are adopt of elastic foam material to maintain good sliding resistance. Lightweight, easy to disassemble, high-quality elastic tension training equipment, very soft, strong water absorption, non-slip. Used for yoga, stretching and other fitness exercises. Can exercise at any time, li..

Teckey Thigh Exercise Equipment Thigh,Body Toner Hips Pelvis Buttock Trainer Abductor Machine Exercise Butt | Training Tool for Weight Loss Thin Thigh Strengthen and Tighten the Abdomen Back Arms - RAVWT55P

$19.84 $65.81

⊶Safe PP Material: The exerciser for women is a new generation of patented models, composed of high-quality PP, TPR, and spring, safe, strong, durable, and nondeformable. ⊶High-efficiency Technology: The massager helps to make your muscles firm. It gently stimulates your abs while doing other activities. Your muscles are only trained without special exercises. ⊶Streamlined Design: The streaml..

Corlidea Planet Collection Gift Box Planet Blind Box Toy 24 Pieces Set The Universe Planet Galaxy Blind Box Children's Gift Countdown 24 Days - TVJSJ6BK

$19.62 $53.78

This Universe Galaxy gift box will make children interested in the universe Planet collection for children - A perfect standalone collection or addition to any planet collection for children. An excellent STEM gift for girls and boys This series offers children high-quality educational toys that are a lot of fun! Most of these gifts are exclusive products created especially for the advent c..

linxiaojix Beauty Machine Gel Pad Soft 2pcs Skin Protection Abdominal Gel Pad Eco Friendly Square Compact for Beauty Salon for Home - CASFX4RY

$19.91 $39.23

Soft And Skin Friendly: Gel pad is made of high quality material, safe and eco friendly, soft and skin friendly, non toxic and harmless, convenient for use. Body Slimming Machine Accessory: Easy to stick and use, important accessory for body slimming machine or abdominal muscle stimulator, simple and practical for use. Multiple Applicable Places: 2pcs of gel sheet are available, meet your use..

Slimming EMS Arm Shaper Machine Reactivate EMS Electric Massager Pad EMS Muscle Stimulator Arms Slimming Machine for Abdomen Arm Leg Abs Trainer Gym Equipment - LKDO04KQ

$19.36 $57.00

【High Quality】 It is made of high-quality silicone material making It safe to skin. It does not produce rashes or Irritate or burn the skin. 【Slimming Arm Shaper 】 Our Slimming Arm Shaper is designed to reduce the flabby and saggy underarm fat. hence effectively exercises muscles and targets the flabby fat tissue. 【Three Buttons】 It has three buttons that are very accessible: power on/off, + ..

Electronic Muscle Stimulator USB Rechangebale Intensity Abdominal Muscle Stimulation Massager Fat Reducing Fitness Training Abs Trainer Adjustable Massage Mode Intensity For Men and Women - VDKFY8AO

$19.42 $76.66

Good use experience: Accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism. Good effective in muscle training, fat reducing, pain relieving as well as figure shaping. Used for slimming and muscle training to make you stronger Principle: anopts electric acupuncture massage technology, inputting certain low-frequency pulse current into the human body to stimulate muscles, achieve the slimming massage e..

FRRPSG Home Bladder Control Device Gym Lifter Body Shaping Training Hip Trainer Fitness Tool Ergonomic For Pelvic Arm Thigh Exerciser - PNBLI1R4

$19.61 $49.66

1:Our leg thigh master is made with a spring-loaded steel core with durable and soft thick Foam, so you can safe and comfortable use it. 2:The buttock training device can improve the blood system of lower limb muscles and buttocks, make buttocks and lower limbs more flexible and promote activities. 3:Helps slim and tighten thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles. 4:Our leg exerciser po..

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